The transition from the teen years into adulthood is difficult for most people. It is a unique time in one’s life. Some young adults find the freedom from their parents’ home a time to party, a time to let go, a time to not care about anything. Others find it a time to truly step up to the plate, and to own all of their responsibilities. There is a huge array of stress free days and stressful days, depending upon how you are looking at your life, and depending on how serious you are taking your ability to make choices that may lead to life long significances.

I have observed and guided my older three daughters in this momentous phase of their lives. Their individual personalities have shown brightly as they come into their own beings. It has been a joy for me to see their work ethic, and their compassion for others spring to life.

As Bella will be turning 21 this year, I have been feeling at a loss of how and where to guide her into her adulthood. She will be graduating from an adult transitional school in May… and then what?!

Independence is something she yearns for, but with the possibility of breakthrough seizures, we rarely leave her alone. She is pretty responsible about taking her medicine, albeit a few hours late when she sleeps in; but she knows the importance of it.

While we have tried to encourage her to be responsible for her own hygiene, and cleaning her room, and doing laundry, and chores around the house, her slow response time (due to medications – and probably out of mere habit), we often wind up taking care of the bulk of things ourselves.

My struggles of letting Bella grow her wings, and to become a responsible young adult are vastly different than any struggles I felt while her sisters were in this chapter of their lives. I do not know how to make her take care of herself, and I do not know how to let go enough to let her fall. I believe if I let go, she will become stronger; but I don’t want to see her suffer. She has been through so much in her life already.

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