For twenty years, my family has been living with epilepsy. Nine years ago, I heard about a young lady, Cassidy Megan, who wanted people around the world to wear purple on one day to spread epilepsy awareness. She chose March 26 to be that day, and my family happily joined in.

I saw this day as an opportunity to show my daughter our support, and to possibly show others we saw that day that we knew about this fight they were in. Over the last 9 years, I have seen this day grow, as more and more people have joined in to share their stories, and to let those with epilepsy know they are not alone.

Epilepsy has had a stigma attached to it for as long as seizures have been around. A normal person can suddenly lose control of their body, and it is a scary thing to watch, and a scary thing to wake up from. The causes of seizures are so vast, and the severity and after affects vary so much. Seizures are terrifying and embarrassing and complex. There is no simple answer to explain exactly what epilepsy is, as it means something slightly different to each person that lives with it.

Having a day like Purple Day for everyone that understands the life of daily medications, the unknown future, EEGs, and endless neurology appointments is so important. It is a day for everyone to speak up, and to educate those around you about your epilepsy story. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I am continually amazed by the support I receive, as a mom of a child with epilepsy. My daughter’s elementary school ten years ago embraced Purple Day. My friends are curious, and continue to ask questions to understand epilepsy. I started work at a new company less than a year ago, and my coworkers are asking questions, and my bosses have agreed to have a speaker come teach us about epilepsy.

Having this special day to spread epilepsy awareness has given me an extra push to advocate for those with epilepsy. I am happy to share our stories and experiences with anyone who is interested, and I am happy to feel support from everyone in the epilepsy community who so gladly unite by wearing purple on March 26 every year.

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